11 things you don’t owe anybody – even if you think the opposite.


All of us feel, or have felt at a certain point, the pressure from people around us to act a certain way. Very often, our close ones think they know which the best thing for us is. Even better than ourselves. However, don’t forget that…

You don’t owe anybody an explanation for the way you live

It doesn’t matter how you live, whether you have roommates or not, whether you have a partner you live with without you two being married… or if you share a home without being in a relationship… You don’t have to explain anything to anybody. You don’t have to justify your choice. This is your life, not theirs!

You don’t owe anybody an explanation for your priorities

Do you want to quit your job to start your own business? Do you want to sell everything you have and become a volunteer in the Red Cross? Do you not have a family yet because you choose to pursue your career? Or are you willing to turn your back on your career for your children? Go ahead! These are your priorities. You don’t need to impress anybody, nor take other people’s opinions into consideration.

You don’t owe anybody an explanation for your career

Do not take other people’s opinions into consideration when choosing which path to take. And do not explain yourself. Listen to your inner voice. This is the only thing that matters.

You don’t owe anybody an apology for anything if you have no regrets

If you did something people don’t approve of but feel no regrets for it, do not waste time apologizing. Apologies are designed for fixing mistakes. However, you don’t feel you did anything wrong, do you? Remember – being honest with yourself is far more important than feeding other people’s egos.

Don’t apologize for spending some time on yourself

If you want to spend some time alone, it doesn’t mean you are rude, closed off or hostile. You just need some time alone. Don’t try to explain this need to other people. Just satisfy the need and enjoy fully the time.

You don’t have to agree with other people’s vision

When people are sharing their vision of something with you, it is usually a sign of trust that should be appreciated. They open up to you and show you a piece of their soul and their point of view. However, this is not a valid reason to just accept their vision as yours.

You don’t have to always say ‘’yes’’

It is truly risky to say ‘’no’’ sometimes. However, you should do it anyway if your inner voice tells you that saying ‘’yes’’ will satisfy the other person but will hurt you. Explore your boundaries and don’t let others cross them. Unless, of course, you invite them to do it.

You don’t owe anybody an explanation for the way you look

If you’ve gained or lost weight, if you changed your hair colour, etc. you don’t need to explain yourself to anybody. You are you. It is their job to accept you, not yours.

You don’t owe anybody an explanation for your relationship

Are you willing to forgive? Did you get back together with your ex? Did you reject a marriage proposal? These are decisions that are made by you and only concern you. Don’t let other people get involved and do not feel the need to explain yourself.

You don’t owe anybody an explanation for your attitude towards marriage

Do you want to get married only a month after you’ve met the person? Do you not want to get married at all? This is your right. You only have to answer before yourself, don’t forget that!

You don’t owe anybody an explanation for the fact you are single

It doesn’t matter if you are the reason for this or the other person. You are single. Don’t apologize and don’t justify yourself. Learn to live in a way that you are at peace with yourself. Don’t give in to the pressure from others to get into a new relationship. You are going to do it when you feel like it. And if you feel like it.

Don’t try to live your life so that other people will like you. The only person who needs to like you is you.


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