20 rules that will change your life

  1. Never start doing something while you are still angry.
  2. Be capable of identifying and avoiding insignificant problems.
  3. Give a second chance, but not a third one.
  4. Never give up on what you really want. A person with a dream is stronger than a person with qualities.
  5. Make time to smell the flowers.
  6. Learn to listen. Sometimes happiness is silently standing at the door.
  7. Smile as much as possible. It costs you nothing but is extremely effective.
  8. Always have something beautiful around you, even if it is a simple flower.
  9. Stop saying ‘’everyone else does it’’.
  10. Remember that trust is the most important thing in both personal and professional relationships.
  11. Kiss your kids after you have grounded them.
  12. It is important to be brave. Even if you are not, pretend that you are. Nobody will be able to tell the difference.
  13. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for your own life.
  14. Always take the help offered to you.
  15. Open up a bottle of champagne without a special occasion.
  16. Sing under the shower.
  17. Say ‘’thank you’’ more often.
  18. Watch the sunset at least once a year.
  19. Every day compliment at least three people.
  20. Spend your life in such a way, that your children will associate the words justice, care and honesty with you first.


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