24 things that show you are extremely intuitive, not crazy

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Do you feel overwhelmed with emotions most days? Do you sometimes feel weird going into a certain room but cannot understand why? Can you foresee what people are going to tell you? If any of these things happens to you it means you are an extremely intuitive person.

You are not alone in this but you for sure are a part of a minority. There is a specific human gene that is connected to intuition, which only about 15-20% of people carry. These people are very empathetic and usually, get overwhelmed by other people’s emotions and tension. And this may be really hard for them. If this is your case you are not crazy. You simply have a very strong intuition.

  1. You feel what other people are feeling

You are so empathetic with others you start feeling the same way as them. You can get into the room and feel their emotions without even talking to them.

  1. You get tired easily

As you are able to feel other’s emotions, you become easily tired after spending a lot of time around other people. As a result at the end of the say, you usually feel exhausted.

  1. Your senses are very well-developed

You are very sensitive to noises, bright lights, sudden movements, rough materials and strong aromas. You also notice very easily quiet sounds, lights, movements and light smells that others usually miss.

  1. You have a sixth sense

You just know a lot of stuff. You simply sense them.

  1. You are easily influenced by other people’s mood

If somebody around you is in a bad mood you are easily affected by it. Being around people in a good mood has the same effect on you.

  1. You need to spend time alone

You need to spend some time alone in order to get away from everything that is going on in the world around you.

  1. You have a low tolerance for discomfort

Your tolerance for discomfort is lower than other people’s.

  1. You have a low tolerance for witnessing other people’s discomfort

It is very difficult for you to watch other people feel uncomfortable. You are compassionate with other people’s struggle. You can feel it deep within you.

  1. You try to avoid negative images

You try to avoid negative images in the media because they deeply disturb you. Watching tragedies in the news is torture for you. Violence is something you don’t find amusing.

  1. You are a great listener

You listen to what others have to say and process it. You really want to understand them and take the time to make sure you do.

  1. Others tell you that you are too sensitive

You are often told that you are overly-emotional or too sensitive.

  1. You get easily overwhelmed

You get easily overwhelmed when you have a lot of things to do. This might make you feel anxious or overworked.

  1. You caught things that others miss

You notice small details in conversations, which others usually miss.

  1. You have a specific feeling about things

People, places and even particular hours or days could make you feel something that you cannot describe.

  1. You have a lie detector inside you

You are a walking lie detector. You can easily tell if someone is telling the truth by observing their face or the tone of their voice.

  1. You have a lot of ideas

As you pay attention to what you are listening, to you have a lot of ideas in your mind. You are a creative person with a strong imagination.

  1. Crowds make you feel exhausted

You don’t like being in crowded places. It is too much for you.

  1. You often feel anxious or overwhelmed

You feel exhausted at least once a week. You feel as everything around you is too much for you, especially if you have a lot of work others are counting on you to do.

  1. You are easily scared

You are easily scared by sudden noises. Your reactions are much stronger than other people’s.

  1. You know how to make others feel more comfortable

Because you can sense how others are feeling you always know what to do in order to make them more comfortable. Their comfort is important to you.

  1. You easily get nervous or angry

You are feeling so much emotion all the time (both yours and other people’s) that it is easy for you to get out of your skin for the smallest things.

  1. You usually prefer to do things alone

Sometimes you feel much better doing things alone in your own way instead of the same as everybody else.

  1. It is very difficult for you to deal with criticism

You are easily influenced by criticism. You have a strong reaction to it. Sometimes even the thought of doing something wrong can rush you.

  1. You were shy as a child

When you were a child your parents and your teachers were always telling you that you were very shy or very sensitive. You may even see it in yourself now…

If you are a very sensitive person it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. Actually, there are a lot of benefits of having a strong intuition. Here are a few tips for sensitive people, living in a not very sensitive world:

Plan your time but do not forget to be flexible.

Make your home a chill and relaxed place.

Restrict your contacts with toxic people.

Restrict your activities and do not forget to take your time to rest.

Stay away from caffeine.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated.

Keep in touch with nature.

Stay in touch with your feelings.


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