7 simple tricks to make him want you


Sometimes, you need to cross your own boundaries in order to get him into your bed. We live in a world, where a short skirt and long legs are not enough to grab male’s attention. The movie industry makes males look for the psychological experiences sex gives you. This makes it more difficult for the ladies to seduce their beloved one.

We present you with 7 simple tricks that will help you make his libido stronger and make him want you.

  1. Give him a hint. Unbutton your pants or let one of your bra straps fall down your shoulder. This is a small hint that grabs the attention without any words. One look is enough.
  2. Use body language. Spread your crossed legs and try to speak with your eyes. You can also try to touch him seductively.
  3. Laugh at his jokes. This will break the ice and bring you closer together. If you are flirting with someone you don’t know, you can try getting closer to him by talking and using seductive gestures.
  4. Lightly touch his hand. Studies show that a light touch on the hand or on the shoulder could be the start of a very successful flirt. Be gentle, otherwise, you risk seeming aggressive.
  5. Smile seductively. The human brain is wired in a way to accept the other person’s smile as a sign of closeness. Smile at him and wait for things to develop.
  6. Show some skin. Men look for more than just body but don’t forget their animal instincts. Show some skin. This will grab his attention regardless of which part of your body you are showing.
  7. Make playful jokes. Play with his mind. If he wants to play, play along with him. This way in you don’t make it into his bed, you will for sure make it into his mind.


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