A man’s perspective: ‘’women over 40 are amazing!’’


Nowadays, people say that 40’s are the new 20’s. I agree. Completely. Women over 40 are more beautiful than ever, more self-confident than ever and sexier than ever. I am not just saying this because I am closer to 40 than I am to 30. I am saying it because it is the truth. If you are still having doubts about it, just see what the men have to say on the subject… the real men!

It is important for us to change our perception of age and the way women change with it. The real beauty does not lie in a face with no wrinkles. It lies in the reasons for their appearance.

I am devoting this text to all women who are above 40 or are someday going to be. I am devoting it to the real women.

  1. The woman over 40 will never just ask you what you are thinking about. She does not care what you are thinking about.
  2. The woman over 40 has been through enough. She knows who she is, what she wants and from whom she wants it.
  3. The woman over 40 may have one or two wrinkles. However, this makes her sexier than any 20-year-old girl. Moreover, do not forget that the woman over 40 has twice as much experience in bed. Her libido is stronger. She knows how to appreciate a good lover and give back in return.
  4. The woman over 40 is honest and sincere. She is tired of games. She will tell it to your face if you are acting like a jerk. A younger woman will not say anything. She will keep quiet, act offended and wait for you to notice. The woman over 40 does not like to waste her time with unnecessary drama. She will just say it how it is and is not afraid of conflict – she knows things either work out or not. There is no third option.
  5. The woman over 40 does not like to make scenes. However, do not think you will get away without a consequence if you have messed up. The woman over 40 is patient and just. She can forgive but not make unforgivable compromises with herself. She doesn’t leave so that you can make her stay. She leaves because she has found another path.
  6. The woman over 40 can cook. She can clean. She doesn’t think that ‘’housewife’’ in an ugly word, but simply another side of femininity. She does it for herself, not for her man to like her.
  7. The woman over 40 does not get unnecessarily jealous. She knows that if you give her reasons to get jealous, you are probably not worth it. And if you are worth it, you will not give her reasons to get jealous.
  8. The woman over 40 knows you. You are like an open book for her. She sees your flaws and strong sides clearly. Even when you cannot see them yourself.
  9. The woman over 40 is searching for a real relationship. She will never make a compromise with herself and be with somebody who does not appreciate her and does not give her what she needs. The woman over 40 knows what she deserves

Ladies, do you know what you deserve? If you need to remind yourself, just read this text again. A woman is like good wine – it only gets better with age.


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