Be with someone who does these 12 things

  1. Be with someone who pays attention to you. Someone, who looks you in the eye when you are speaking, instead of looking at his phone. Someone, who texts you first and holds your hand when you go out. Someone, who remembers the small things about you, because they actually care.
  2. Be with someone, who would do anything for you. Someone, who is willing to drive for hours so that you can eat at your favourite restaurant. Someone, who is going to spend hours looking for the perfect gift, instead of just buying the first thing they see. Someone, who changes their whole weekly schedule just so they can spend an extra hour with you.
  3. Be with someone, who is committed to you. Someone, who will delete all of their dating apps after your first date. Someone, who is going to delete all of his ex’s numbers because he doesn’t need them anymore to feel good about himself. Someone, who speaks about you all the time so that everyone in his life knows you two are in a relationship.
  4. Be with someone who encourages you to be yourself. Someone, who is not going to tell you to change your haircut or lose some weight. Someone, who likes you for you and would never make you change.
  5. Be with someone, who has fun while they are with you. Someone, who laughs at your jokes even when they are stupid. Someone, who will always find something to say. Someone, who could always make you smile.
  6. Be with someone, who takes care of you. Someone, who will bring you soup when you are sick and will clean up your mess after you got drunk. Someone, who will make sure you made it home safely before he went to bed.
  7. Be with someone mature. Someone who will tell you he is angry instead of making scenes. Someone, who will treat you with respect even when they want to yell at you. Someone, who is willing to make compromises when you refuse to apologize and admit you were wrong.
  8. Be with someone, who is proud of you. Someone, who will introduce you to their whole family and will keep pictures of you on their phone. Someone, who will hold your hand when you are out so that everybody knows you are dating.
  9. Be with someone, who makes effort. Someone, who is planning your dates so that you don’t have to worry about it. Someone, who can clean and cook. Someone, who is not concerned about their pleasure only when it comes to sex.
  10. Be with someone, who is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you. Someone, who is not afraid of their feelings and will cry in front of you. Someone, who never holds back because they trust you and feel safe with you.
  11. Be with someone, who compliments you and makes you feel sexy when you are wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt. Someone, who loves being around you and looks at you as if you were the prettiest girl on earth.
  12. Be with someone, who loves you. Someone, who loves you as much as you love him. Someone, who can’t live without you and will be forever yours.


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