Doing good things is like a boomerang – it always comes back to you

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Let older people go before you. Be nice to the lady at the supermarket. Feed the street dog. Pet the cat sitting at the entrance of your building.

Don’t simply walk by the homeless man. Donate the clothes you are no longer using. There is no point in keeping them in the wardrobe to collect dust.

Share your umbrella with someone when it is raining. Smile at strangers. Buy flowers from the old lady that sits on the street all day long. Why not secretly leave them at somebody’s doorstep?

Help your friend secretly. Don’t share with them what you did. Just watch how happy they are.

Life is too short for us to do anything other than good deeds.

The beauty of life is in the small stuff. A simple act of kindness could make someone happy for a long time, sometimes even for life.

Doing good things is like a boomerang – once you throw it is always comes back. It will come back to you whenever and wherever you need it.

A good person is a person who helps others without expecting anything in return. A person who helps others because he needs something from them is nothing but an actor.

The real measurement of how humane we are is how we treat people we don’t need anything from.


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