How do you know if he loves you

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If he breaks your walls in order to get to you, he loves you.

If he is building a world for both of you, he loves you.

If he knows you better than he knows himself, he loves you.

He loves you if he is giving you all of his kindness.

He loves you if he is speaking to you softly and kisses you with his eyes.

He loves you if he takes care of you, respects you and touches you as if you were the most expensive thing in the world.

If he kisses your forehead, hugs you from behind, kisses your eyes and holds your hand – he loves you.

If you have been everything he waited for; if he cannot look at another the same way he looks at you; if he is willing to throw everything away just to be with you, he loves you.

If he loves you, love him!

He deserved it.

Love him endlessly, as if you have never loved before. Without boundaries. Strong. Love him.

The price you pay for love is love.

And true love is difficult to find in a world, where people don’t believe in it.


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