How do your thoughts influence your life?

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Our thoughts have great powers. All of the greatest and the most horrible inventions in human history all started with one thing – a thought, or an idea if you prefer to call it this way. Ideas lead to plans and plans lead to actions. Finally, when you act of something it becomes reality. All of the things you are sitting on or lying on right now have once been just ideas. The room you are in and the things in it were nothing but thoughts once.

All of the fights are wars in the world started with a simple thought. (It usually went this way – ‘’you have something I want’’ or ‘’you want to do something this way and I want to do it another way’’ or ‘’I just don’t like you’’.)

All of the good, noble and artistic things humanity created were only a spark of an idea in someone’s mind. The Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, books, movies and television all started existing in someone’s mind first. (It would be best for some of these things to have just stayed there…).

Even the creation of other human beings starts with just a thought. There is an old saying that states ‘‘I know you since you were only a glow in your father’s eyes’’. 

Victor Hugo describes it this way: ‘’ One can resist the invasion of an army but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.’’

Although we don’t give it much thought, it is very simple to understand that everything created by people, no matter if good or bad, started with a simple thought (the categorization of whether something is good or bad is another topic). The only things that separate a thought and reality are a little time and physical activity.

The amount of time and physical activity needed are different for different projects and goals. Sometimes it takes seconds, other times years, and there are times when an idea has to pass from one generation onto another. Some of the biggest cathedrals took more than a century and three generations of builders to be built.

Leonardo da Vinci created the helicopter 400 years before the first helicopter finally took its first flight. 200 years ago Thomas Jefferson predicted that at some point there will be a nation where nobody will be judged based on their religion and nobody will be denied the right of love, freedom and happiness… we are still working on this.

Some people have the talent to turn dreams into reality. Edison was one of them. Just imagine – the phonograph, movies, a better version of the phone and the light bulb were all created by one person. Henri Ford wanted to create a cheap and reliable car so he invented the assembly line.

There is no way for anything to happen without a thought. Where you are is a result of your mindset – positive or negative. If you want to understand the way you are thinking just look around and see where you are. You will see the answer.

If you are happy with some parts of your life then your mindset for them has been what we usually call ‘’positive’’. If you are unhappy with other things then your minds were not as positive as they should have been. The good news is that thoughts can be changed, which means you can change your life.

For example, if you are constantly thinking about wealth, your mind will get into a state if you being generous, open and accepting but also likely to want to acquire material things – cars, houses, cash…

‘’But I don’t have money and constantly worry about it’’, one person told me once. He proved the point of what I said so far but in the opposite order. Worrying is a sign of fear and in this case – the fear of being poor. The only thing in this person’s mind is unpaid bills, which leads to more worrying, which in turn leads to the person getting poorer.

Positive results come from positive thoughts – love, and the ability to share health, wealth, happiness, fortune and well-being with the world.

Negative results come from negative thoughts – not only hatred and negativism but also sickness, scarcity, fear and misery.

With other words – our thoughts create our physical reality – it doesn’t happen immediately but will eventually happen. We are going to walk in the direction we put our minds in. This is our goal. As for the ways to get there are reach it, there are many.


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