How to recognise them? 5 traits of people with rotten hearts


Maybe it is difficult for you to imagine that somebody is cheating on you, fooling you or lying to you without a sign of regret; that they spread lies and rumours to destroy somebody’s reputation or act like something they are not, in order to hurt others (physically, materially, emotionally…). Sadly, we know that such people exist.

The next five signs will show you if you are dealing with someone with a ‘’rotten heart’’. If you recognise some of them, it would be best for you to stay away from that person.

  1. People with rotten hearts are masters in fooling, arguments and scandals.


  • Manipulate facts
  • Lie
  • Run away from responsibility
  • Deny the reality
  • Make up stories
  • Keep information to themselves
  1. People with rotten hearts are experts in manipulating others using the power of words

If you look at what they have created in their lives or listen to their words, you will see, that such people never change, grow or develop.

Their life is an illusion and they feed their souls with the suffering of others.

  1. People with rotten hearts always want to control others and think of themselves as the biggest authority

They turn down any feedback and constructive criticism, make up rules to live by and do not pay attention to moral norms.

  1. People with rotten hearts often play with good people’s empathy in order to fool them

This is how this situation looks: they are looking for kindness, but do not give it back in return.

They search for warmth, forgiveness and intimacy from the person they did wrong, without considering the pain they’ve caused and with no true intention of fixing what they’ve done or restoring their trust.

  1. People with rotten hearts have no consciousness and do not know what repelling is

They do not even have the intention to fight against their own viciousness – they just live under the mask of a noble character.


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