How to tell if he doesn’t love you


We have listed a few signs that show that he doesn’t love you.

Have you ever thought about what it is like not to be loved? Probably not. Nobody ever wants to imagine that they are not loved. However, you will surely be in a situation like this someday.

In order not to be fooled, see what it means not to be loved. We hope your partner never makes you feel this way.

You are unloved when you bother the other person. Laughing, talking and hugging is fine but once you start speaking about your experiences the other person does not take it seriously. They think it is stupid. You should not ask for their attention, they have other things on their mind. You don’t need such a person in your life. You don’t need a person that is unwilling to support you and lets you handle everything on your own.

You are unloved when the other person doesn’t offend you but doesn’t make you feel good either. They just don’t notice you. You are unloved when you don’t like eating in front of him because he might make a joke about how much you are eating. You are unloved when he doesn’t notice you got home early and put fresh flowers in the vase.

You are unloved when you are not allowed to do anything. You are not allowed to talk, to share, to interrupt. You just have to sit quietly in the corner and wait without complaining. You are unloved when the other person tells you all of this is your fault.

You are unloved when you never receive any gifts. You are unloved when you are not worth the money spent. You are unloved when he tells you to know your place.

Being unloved is not fatal. However, it makes you sad, ugly and vicious. It makes you scared of interrupting and lowers your self-esteem. You cannot help it.

If you think you are unloved keep your head up and walk away. There is nothing else you could do.


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