How to understand if someone is smart and deserves your time

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  1. Smart people always speak less than others around them. They know they learn more by listening.
  1. The smart person knows a lot more things other than what they specialize in. They have a woke mind, which is constantly feeding off the interest of what other people are doing.
  1. They are able to manage their work life, personal life and interests, without constantly explaining how things should be in balance. They look totally invested in what they are doing while managing to do everything at the same time.
  1. They are probably using social media. Not definitely, but probably. Social media for them is not only a way to hear others’ opinions, but also to find interesting information they otherwise wouldn’t come across.
  1. They can smile even when things are really bad. They never worry too much because they could always think of alternatives when things get extremely bad.
  1. They know they are probably the smartest person in the room, but don’t focus on that. What is more, they accept it as a challenge to teach others something useful.
  1. If they are a manager, they will put a lot of effort in making others smarter and more popular than they are. They don’t feel threatened by them because they realize intellect is synergy. They try to make others seem smarter than them.
  1. They have hidden skills which only come up when necessary. They don’t feel the necessity to rub their full potential in people’s faces so that they can see he/she is better than them.
  1. They may or may not have an expensive education. You could never tell unless their CV is in your hands.
  1. They would never make you look stupid no matter the circumstances. They know from their own experience that when you make others feel bad, you also feel bad yourself. 


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