How to understand if the person in front of you is bad

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Regardless of how badly we want it, communicating with only nice, good and kind people is impossible. What makes a person bad? The answer is very subjective.

It is important to be able to recognise some of the features, which untrustworthy people who probably don’t have your best interest in mind possess.

  1. Unpleasant and untrustworthy people twist the truth

Twisting the facts in a situation is typical for such people. They use this type of manipulation to change facts to suit them, regardless of how much damage this may cause other people.

  1. They keep information from you

Such people usually lie or keep information from you in order to control the situation. This is their way of ruining other the other person’s reputation and of using it for your own benefit.

  1. They don’t feel sorry for what they did

Bad people feel no remorse when they manipulate others for their own benefit. They are ready to crush everything in their way to achieve their goals. Such people usually suffer from emotional or personality disorders.

  1. They lie often

They lie so much that they may become dangerous for others because of their inability to tell the truth. Lying is a game for them. The more complex the lie is, the more satisfaction they get from fooling the others.

  1. They refuse to take responsibility for their own actions

Evil people rarely take responsibility for their own actions, as this is not a part of their moral standards. Instead, they blame others thus making themselves look better. They never apologize.

  1. They never offer to help

As stated above, such people don’t know what true and loyal friendship is. Such people only appear in your life when everything is going good. However, when you start experiencing difficulties, they simply disappear.

  1. They waste your time

If you feel you are wasting a lot of your time on someone, they are probably provoking you to do so. Narcissists don’t like it when somebody is doing better than them. Wasting your time is one of their ways to fail you. Don’t let them ruin important events in your personal or professional life. They will always find a way to show up or take you away from your close people.

  1. They live a double life

They are not completely open about their past. There is a big chance they have used someone the same way they are using you. Therefore, be careful who you make friends with and what you share with them.


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