If somebody wants you in their life, they will find a way to put you in it


When you give all of you for somebody, who doesn’t respect you, you are giving away a piece of your soul you are never getting back.

There is a moment when you just need to let go and walk away.

If somebody wants you in their life, they will find a way to put you in it.

Sometimes, you just have to walk away and accept the fact that someone doesn’t care about you the same say you care about them.

Let them go.

It will be better and healthier for you to just walk away.

What is more difficult – to stay and get hurt constantly or to leave?

After you decide to leave you will for sure ask yourself ‘’why didn’t I do this earlier?’’

To hold onto something and not give up is a sign of courage. However, sometimes giving up and moving on makes us stronger and happier. Here, we have listed 10 signs that it is time for you to give up:

  1. They expect you to be someone you are not.

Do not change for anybody. It is wiser to lose somebody else than to lose yourself. In such cases, it is easier to fix your broken heart than your broken identity. It is easier to fill up the whole somebody else left than to completely lose yourself.

  1. Their actions don’t match their words

Everyone deserves someone that makes his or her life better. If a person does the opposite to you and hurts you because their actions don’t match their words, it is time for you to leave. It is always better to be alone than in a bad company. True friendship is a promise, given from the heart – quiet, unwritten, indestructible by time and space. Do not listen to what people are saying. Look at what they are doing. Your friends will slowly show their true faces with time.

  1. You feel like you are forcing them to love you

You cannot force anybody to love you. You shouldn’t beg for someone to stay if they want to leave. Love is freedom. The end of love is not the end of the world. It is actually the beginning of you understanding that there was a reason for everything to happen and take it as a lesson. If somebody loves you they will never make you doubt it. Anybody can come into your life and say how much they love you. However, special people stay in your life and prove it. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right person but once you do, it is worth the wait.

  1. Your relationship is based only on physical attraction

Being beautiful is much more than what people see when they look at you. It is what you are living for, what defines you, how big your heart is and what makes you unique. Being beautiful means being yourself and living your life however you want. It is the small things that make you who you are. People, which are only attracted to you because of your face or body, will not stick for long. Those who see your inner beauty will never let you go.

  1. They are constantly betraying your trust

Love is giving someone the chance to hurt you and hoping they will never do it. When you fully trust somebody, you will get one of two results – a friend for life or a lesson for life. Both outcomes are positive. You either confirm the fact the other person cares about you, or are given the opportunity to get them out of your life and make room for someone else who loves you. In the end, you will always find out who is fake and who would do anything for you. Some people will definitely leave you surprised.

  1. They don’t value you

Know your worth! When you are committing to someone who does not value you, you are giving away a piece of your soul you are never getting back. There comes a time in life when you just have to give up and stop chasing after some people. If they want you in their life, they will find a way to include you in it. Sometimes you need to give up and accept the fact that the person doesn’t care about you the same way you care about them. Let them go quietly. Giving up is much easier than holding on. We think it is really hard to leave until we do it. Afterwards we ask ourselves ‘’why didn’t I do this earlier?’’

  1. They don’t give you a chance to speak up your mind

Sometimes arguments save friendships and the silence destroys them. Always say what you mean so you will have no regrets later. Life is not about making others happy; it is about being honest and sharing your happiness with others.

  1. You have to sacrifice your own happiness

If you give people more than you receive, eventually you will be broke. You need to know when to put an end to these relationships. It is always better to be alone and keep your head up, than having to constantly sacrifice your happiness and your self-respect.

  1. You don’t like the position you are in

People say it is better to fail in something you love than succeed in something you hate. Don’t let anybody convince you to give up on your dreams, just because they gave up on theirs. The best thing you can do in life is to follow your heart. Take risks. Don’t hesitate to make a difficult decision just because you are afraid of what might happen. If you live like this, you will never get far. Chances have to be taken, mistakes have to be made and lessons have to be learned. The journey may be tough, but once you get on the top of the mountain all of the tears, sweat and blood will be worth it.

  1. You are living in the past

After all, you will forget the pain, the reasons why you cried and who made you suffer. After a while, you will realize that the secret to happiness is not controlling others and getting revenge but letting things go their own way and learning from your past. If you think about it, the most important chapter of the book is the last one that holds all the secrets. Let the past go, free yourselves from it and open your mind for new relationships and events.

A person should never give up hope. They should never forget what they deserve and keep moving forward. Someday all of the pieces in the puzzle will fit together. Everything will work out in the best possible way. Finally, when they look back, people often smile and ask themselves ‘’how the hell did I make all of this happen?’’


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