If someone betrays your trust, they do not deserve your forgiveness

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If someone hurt you, they freed up the space for another person to love you.

If someone doesn’t appreciate your presence, they win your absence. 

If someone offends you, they offend themselves more.

If someone manipulates you, they are weak. 

If someone lies, they push people who care about them away.

If someone puts the guilt on someone else, they lose themselves.

If someone creates drama, they are left alone in the end.

If someone is fake, they are not your friend.

If someone betrays your trust, they don’t deserve your forgiveness.

If someone talks bad about you behind your back, they deserve that you ignore them.

If someone is constantly envious, they deserve to know loneliness and emptiness.

If someone decides to keep quiet when it’s time to speak up, they show who they truly are.

If someone decides to make a joke of other people’s feelings, they deserve to feel the same way in the end.

If someone …


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