Inner peace comes when we stop caring about other’s opinion


Inner peace is something very fragile and necessary at the same time. It is the thing that shows us we are positive and are living our life to the fullest.

When someone’s inner peace is broken, they feel inefficient. They make mistakes in many parts of their life and always stay in the same place. But how do we create and keep the inner peace in our lives?

The answer is that is it easy to achieve inner peace – it only takes one difficult step. Essentially, it is being able to hear other people’s opinions without becoming their slave. People’s opinion is like the wind – one day is warm and calm, the other – cold and harsh. We cannot expect everybody to like us and approve of what we do.

But how do we get over the need for approval? Simply ignoring it is not the key. Of course, this is exactly what a lot of people deserve for their gossiping and constant criticism of you being different. But ignoring it means you don’t care about it. Therefore, the best for a person’s inner peace is to accept it. Just accept the opinion and nothing else.

Face yourself and say: ‘’they think I am a coward and incompetent but I am not and I know it. I accept their point of view and their vicious comments but I don’t care about it because they don’t know me! People who know me will also know that I am brave and special the way I am. If I have not yet met those people, I will for sure meet them in the future!’’

This way we rise above these things, above people’s criticism and opinion and continue on our path. The path our inner peace and self-acceptance lead us to. The path, which is unique and ours only, and it is up to us whether we decide to walk it. Only when we are at peace with ourselves we can distance ourselves from others’ opinion and not be affected by it anymore.

Huge strength lies in acceptance. When you accept something it is no longer as scary as it was. It is just a fact and nothing more.

If we manage to free ourselves from the constant need of people’s approval, we will manage to find the inner peace which we desperately search for!


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