People, who appear in our lives because we have attracted them

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We attract exactly those people, who will help us clear out our karma, who will make us realise what we don’t like about ourselves, what we are afraid of, what hurts us and how to clear out our souls from old trauma…


Nowadays, the most common problem in human relationships raises from the fact that we use our partners as mirrors, which reflect our fears and emotional difficulties. We pick our partners, who will help us learn our karmic lessons, the same way we pick our parents to be the tool that helps us grow.

Out of habit, we learn from negative things and thus attract the exact vibrations, which bring up the behaviour models that need the most clearing. Thus, we see in our partners the same characteristics and qualities that we dislike and reject about ourselves. In a destructive relationship, we have to deeply check within ourselves whether this relation of victim/predator is not a result of an old mutual decision …

I always suggest the following exercise: put the picture of your opponent in a place you can see at all times. With every look you take at it say ‘’thank you’’ and bow down a little. In the beginning, you may feel anger or sarcasm, but in the end, you will feel the truth and nobility coming from this gesture, together with strong excitement. What is even more surprising is the feeling of empowerment, coming from taking the initiative in your relationship…

The old method of projection is too slow for the needs of today’s world. In order to fulfil the ambitious projects our souls have taken up on a global scale, it is extremely necessary to make the process of realization faster. We cannot help the planet, by holding onto our personal karma. The mirror effect does not only take away the clarity, it just doesn’t simplify the full functioning of each individual soul on the Earth.

Until somebody’s consciousness is full of love and empathy, they cannot run away from the karmic prison. But when our consciousness is broad enough and captures the relationship with the reason for the karma, which is the source of guilt, at the moment, when we consciously capture our inner instability and remove its source, we can immediately clear out our karma.

When we understand that the decision to abuse the power or act against the laws of the universe is ours, when we capture the subjects of our karma, we regain the choice to change it. It is impossible for an action to exist without a contra-action. 

The energies, which are found in a new cycle of influence over the planet, set off the instinct of growth within all of us. Sadly, for different individuals, this happens at different moments. It is particularly difficult for couples to share with mutual understanding and empathy the drastic changes that growth brings along with itself.

If one partner takes out all negative emotional models, this frightens the other and fills them with resistance and anxiety. This is because the change in one creates a hole in the usual emotional exchange between the two of them, which creates a feeling of loss. However, this allows us to put an end to what brought us annoyance and we can put a start to a new, more nourishing exchange on a higher level.

Often, the feeling of one partner is ‘’I want to develop, I want to have more freedom. I want to explore my spiritual identity. I need to find who I am.’’ More often than not, the other partner shows resistance. He/she does not want anything in their relationship to change, especially the way they have been treating each other.

But there is no master of the karma or the destiny, who is more powerful than your higher self, than our inner spiritual identity. Only we can forgive ourselves and clear out our karma. After all, we cannot become masters of our destiny without taking responsibility for ourselves.

We need to be a conscious participant in this force, not simply an object. The emerging god-like power within ourselves has the power not to only create something new, but to destroy something old. This responsibility also includes knowledge of the truth in all of its forms. We will only feel free when we are ready to forgive ourselves and others and penetrate the models of the emotional body with the god-like power we have within ourselves.


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