The meeting between two souls is never a coincidence

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The meeting between two souls is never a coincidence. They meet because they were meant to give something to each other. While this process of exchange is happening, it is absolutely unreasonable for the connection to be interrupted. No matter at what expense.

The Universe, stars, planets or whatever else you may call it have positioned themselves in a certain way in order for these two souls to meet. They gave them the strength to overcome the obstacles and arguments that may arise before and between them. All of this is done in order to help these souls grow and develop through learning from each other.

This is not a one-sided process. Each soul needs the other. Each one has something important to give or teach the other, in order for them to change the way they look at the world.

Sometimes people stay in toxic relationships out of habit and because of their inability to accept the truth. They cannot notice when they have learned the lesson they were meant to and let memories and habits make them stay where they are no longer needed. It is not the present that makes them stay, it is the past.

They have not noticed the other person has changed. They have not noticed that they have also changed. Both of these people have to open their minds and realize that continuing this relationship only stops their own development.

The relationships where people support each other and help each other grow tend to last the longest. The learning process doesn’t stop, it continues as long as they have something to teach each other.

This process is so simple but we tend to make it complicated.

When something is real, complete and causes no disruptions it brings people happiness. Most people may disagree, but I strongly believe that there are some people that you meet no matter if you want or not. You were destined to meet them and cannot skip it. What you then create together with this person is so complete, that it brings harmony into the world. These two people bring harmony into the world. I strongly believe that.

I wish you to have open minds and open hearts.

Do not follow them, unless your intuition tells you to. Your intuition knows what is best for you.


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