Things are exactly as they are, you are not imagining anything

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In many situations, in order to figure out if things are going good is important to trust your own instincts, not only the physical evidence around you.

Our brains record everything that is happening and keep a score on who is doing what in a relationship. You keep tack on the number of calls, texts, signs of attention and affection, support, care and compassion.

These things influence our perception of whether the other person wants us. They are formal signs.

There are also things we perceive as lacking emotion, fake and heartless. This is how our feelings work.

Unlike our minds, our brains collect all incoming information. They sort it, group it, filter everything through our perceptions and record it in our conscious minds.

This is how we draw conclusions, take decisions and label things. However, the brain forgets nothing. What did not make it into our conscious minds is left in our unconscious minds and controls us from there.

To your own surprise, you can do things you did not expect to. Sometimes you start having doubts out of nothing. Sometimes you suddenly feel uncomfortable talking to someone. Sometimes you get angry without even knowing why. Or sometimes you even get scared without a reason.

The reasons for these things are not present for your eyes. However, this doesn’t mean they are not perceived by your brain despite all the filters and blocks that stop them. These could be a person’s tone of voice, reaction, words, actions …

You may have not even noticed them. But deep down you are feeling warmth and excitement without even realizing why.

This may seem like just an illusion. However it is not, it is something that you perceived without realizing. It is exactly what it is.

Trust yourself. Listen to yourself.


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