What you dream of is not taking too long, you just push it away

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The reason, why you haven’t got what you dream of yet, is because you are keeping yourself at a frequency of vibration that doesn’t match your dreams.

You are a vibrating being in the physical word; everything you are made of – skin, bones, blood and muscle is made of vibrations. Your ability to receive vibrations is why you are capable to understand the physical world.  In other words – you turn everything you see into vibrations. You transform in vibrations everything you hear. Your nose, tongue and the tips of your fingers transform smell, touch and taste into vibrations that help you understand the world. However, emotions are the most powerful transmitter of vibrations …

‘’Why does it take so long to get the things I want?’’

It is not because you don’t want them strongly enough.

It is not because you aren’t intelligent enough.

It is not because you are not worthy.

It is not because destiny is against you.

It is not because somebody else already grabbed your price.

The only reason, why you haven’t got what you dream of yet, is because you are keeping yourself at a frequency of vibration that doesn’t match your dreams. This is the only reason, there is nothing else. It is important for you to understand that if you stop for a minute and think, or even better – feel, you will be able to recognise the dissonance.

The only thing you need to do is to slowly and gently free yourself from all restrictive thoughts, one by one, because they are the factor that stops you and influences you. The rising relief will show you that you are freeing yourself from the resistance and the feelings of pressure, anger, dissatisfaction, which have been the signs of your increasing your resistance…

Well-being is waiting at your door. Everything you have ever wanted, evidently or not, is coming to you in the form of vibrations. It has been heard and understood by the Main Source and it has responded. Now use your emotions and you will find to let it in – emotion by emotion. You are the physical projection of the energy of the Main Source. You are on the edge of the thought. Everything in your physical world has been created by spiritual force. Just like the Main Source created you with the power of thought, the same way you continue creating your own world… You and the Main Source are one. You can’t be apart from it. It can’t be apart from you. When we think about the Main Source, we think about ourselves. The Main Source never creates a thought that separates you from it.

You cannot create a thought that will cause full separation (separation is too strong of a word), but you can create thoughts that have vibrations that are high enough to disturb your connection to the Main Source. We call this state resistance. The only form of resistance or disturbance of this connection is what comes from you, from your physical point of view. The Main Source is always at your disposal when you need it.

Well-being is presented to you often but you are not always capable to let it in… When you equalize your vibrations with your dreams, the Spiritual energy that creates worlds will flow through you. It will bring you enthusiasm, passion, triumph. This is your destiny… All of us have goals we have fixed our attention on; wishes we are concentrated on, which flow through our true self in order for everything that is now to be continued in the future…

You truly create your own reality. You and no one else. You do it even when you don’t realize it. Therefore, you often create things unintentionally. When you realize what your true thoughts are and focus them, you will start creating your own reality consciously. This is the intention you had when you had decided to come into this body. Your dreams and wishes are nothing more than thoughts. ‘’Admit you want it and it will be given to you’’… You don’t have to use words. You only have to feel it in yourself: I want this. I like this. I am grateful for this. This desire is the beginning of attracting everything …


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