Why good people are always treated badly

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We have all witnessed good, kind and understanding people being treated badly. Why does this happen and what is the logic behind this phenomenon?

According to recent studies treating such people badly is a way of the society to punishing them. It usually concerns extremely cooperative and generous people.

People from all kinds of cultures are usually suspicious of good people. This is extremely true for people who are really good or at least act better than the rest.

This leads to them being punished by the society because they feel threatened by the differences in their behaviour.

Such bad behaviour is usually observed in conditions where competition of some kind is present, usually at the working place. ‘’Everyone loves people who are cooperative and can work with anybody (a.k.a. good people).

Also, everybody likes it when bad people get what they deserve and good people get a repay for their deeds. The truth is, that in some cases it is the good people that get treated badly’’ – states one of the authors of the research. ‘’Good people are usually hated by many. This is a phenomenon that we see in a lot of cultures’’.

Balanced societies have demonstrated this since the beginning of the human existence0 the society gathers in order to stop the best ones from dominating.


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