Women don’t walk away from men. They walk away from their attitude.

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Women don’t walk away from men but from their attitude. They are gradually preparing to leave mentally, sometimes with years. They take long to decide. One second they want to leave, the next they want to stay. They keep the old good memories together with the dresses they are never going to wear again but love too much to just throw away.

They think about how much time has passed. They think about the man you used to be. They play all of your moments together again and again in their mind. They see you as you once were – kind, spontaneous, happy and loving. They remember what it felt like to be loved.

They start debating whether they should stay or leave. They are thinking if you are capable of changing. They are thinking if the problems will simply disappear at some point. They are thinking if it is just a temporary situation or the new reality. Do they love the man or the memory of the man?

Sometimes these women love their men but are sick of not knowing whether their men love them. Can they repair and revive the relationship? Can they do something to make their man happy again? Can the man go back to who he once was?

Women take long to leave. They don’t like leaving … they remember the passion and the love. They remember something new every day.

Men’s eyes are the mirror they see their reflections in. Are they still beautiful? Women are looking for signs if they are still needed. Will there be somebody waiting for them if they are late at night? Is there a love waiting for them that will make them forget they could exist anywhere else?

Women pack their bags quietly and full of melancholy. They take a long time packing. They count the minutes passed and the minutes left. They count the number of smiles and tears. They count the moments shared and the moments full of loneliness. They think everything through a thousand times. They always search for reasons not to leave.

Sometimes men wake up suddenly and see the love in the woman’s eyes. They get back to who they were. They get back to her. If they manage to hug her before she walked out of the door, they will break all of her doubts. They will keep the happiness and joy inside the house. And will they never take her for granted again.

If the man manages to change his attitude, the one that hurts the woman, this will make her stay. This will make the love stay.


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