You attract into your life what you think about the most

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Your thoughts are the first step towards fulfilling your wishes.

Our thoughts are a conscious act. Phones, television, microwaves, cars, books and movies were just a thought in somebody’s mind long before they became a reality. Everything starts with an idea, then comes a plan to make the idea a reality and then comes the desire to make it happen. The Spirit creates the same way that people create. The Universe, planets, animals, people and nature as a whole were born through the thoughts of God. It is said that ‘’your mind creates your life. What you think about the most is going to appear in your life’’. I can both deny and confirm that. Why? It is simple.

Your thoughts do not create everything that happens to you. We do not live in a world of isolation. According to the Law of Attraction, the best you can create your own reality it is learn how to make sense of different event and create what I call ‘’the tale of the soul’’.

These tales make it more probable that you attract wisdom in your life and will help you connect with the spiritual force that will guide you at times when you need it. The tales of the soul will fill you up with compassion, clarity, love and more understanding in regards to what happens in your life. Thus, they will help you build a better future. Simply put, they help you learn from past mistakes and decrease the chance of you doing these mistakes again. They help you build a better future. They strengthen your relationship with your spiritual world and help you be more creative because they give you a better perspective. They make you more successful in attracting what you desire.

Not everyone is able to make a ‘’soul tale’’ from the things that happen to them. Usually, they transform them into stories about their ego where they only focus on the negativity. Other times they take all of the events in their lives personally in order to feel important. If you do that your focus on yourself would be too strong for you to perceive those events realistically. When this is the case you start feeling anger, hate, jealousy, negativism and self-pity. This is why every time when something happens in your life you are facing a choice. Do you make it all about yourself or do you create a ‘’soul tale’’?

Of course, what you are going to choose to do depends on a number of factors. Are you in touch with your inner self? How strong is your ego? Are you capable to see things clearly and consciously or you have a confused and blurry perception? How chaotic is your emotional state?

These factors determine what story (or what thinking process) you will choose to tell about yourself and your life. Decide. Is your story going to be about your ego, which will bring you more chaos, pain and suffering? Or is your story going to come from your soul and lead you to a deeper understanding, peace and joy?

Remember that sometimes things happen without us being responsible for them. The only thing that matters is how you are going to perceive those events, not the events themselves.


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